Westminster Health Forum Keynote Seminar: The future of personalised and genomic medicine

Thursday, 14th December 2017

With NHS England setting out plans to develop a genomic medicine service for the NHS as part of the Next steps for the Five Year Forward View.

Delegates will assess the next steps for scaling up personalised medicine, following findings from the 100,000 Genomes Project. It also follows the Chief Medical Officer’s annual report, Generation Genome, which included recommendations on addressing gaps in infrastructure and widening access to genetic testing - as well as the announcement of additional funding for research highlighted in the Life Sciences Industrial Strategy.

Attendees will assess the challenges for funding the development of genomic medicine and realising potential cost savings through improved diagnoses and prevention, key issues in the use of genomic data to achieve better health outcomes - as well as progress made by Health Education England’s Genomics Education Programme in engaging with health professionals and supporting the development of new skills.

Further sessions will focus on the potential impact of a genomic medicine service for people with rare diseases, following NHS England’s commitment to publish an implementation plan for the UK strategy, priorities for enhancing the NHS’ diagnostics capacity and the next steps for involving patients and the public in the development of personalised medicine.

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