Vision and aims


With the health care system of the third millennium moving towards a fully personalised clinical management of diseases, we foresee the importance of genomic medicine to grow further, enabling the selection of the correct medicine for each patient while at the same time allowing patient allocation to specific disease sub-groupings, in this manner furthering drug development and trialling.

With the Centre for Population Genomic Medicine we have created a hub to deliver our outward-looking and embracing strategy of bringing together multiple partners, academic, commercial and clinical thus harnessing distinct often complementary expertise for innovative discovery, translational and clinical research in several (bio) medical domains.


To facilitate population scale human genome research

To train the next generation of health professionals in precision based genomic medicine

To create an Industry Ready environment, that brings together human genomics projects developed by world leading universities

Our ultimate aim is to envisage novel approaches for the benefit of our patients and people, from East London to the national and then global population.

We welcome you to partner us to make this transformational vision a reality.