East London Genes & Health

East London Genes & Health is our core project, jointly led by Professor David van Heel from Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry, Queen Mary University of London and Professor Richard Trembath, Dean for LIfe Sciences and Medicine, King's College London.

The projects is a large-scale community-based health research study aiming to correlate genetic and health records of ethnic minority populations in East London and beyond.

The target is 100,000 British-Bangladeshi and Pakistani volunteers and at May 2018 we have reached over 30,000 volunteers.

Key features of the project are:

- the population is genetically defined and understudied in genetic research

- volunteers are recruited locally in East London therefore are easily recallable for follow up studies,

- in East London we have excellent electronic health records easily accessible from our Data Safe Haven

The principal investigators are in the process of setting up the Bio-resource to support and accelerate medical research, by providing access to genomic data, health records  and volunteers to any bona fide researcher with an ethically approved project and funds in place.

Follow up the study updates on twitter and the website http://www.genesandhealth.org/

Further information can be found on the website or by contacting the Partnerships Manager Virginia Govoni at v [dot] govoni [at] qmul [dot] ac [dot] uk